What does it mean if a guy kisses a girl's hair?

I'm dating a guy and it's going well for sure. He hasn't tried to kiss me on the lips yet, but on our last date he kind of kissed the side of my head in my hair.

He also kind of pressed his stubble on the side of my face and pulled me towards him.

I'm not really comfortable with guys touching me and he knows that. He does little things like that and kind of gauges my reaction and asks if I like it.

Does a kiss in my hair mean he's kind of testing the water to see if I would be okay with an actual kiss soon?

I feel like he's wanted to kiss me for a while. He's always looking at my lips and he casually brought up kissing on our last date.

Could it also mean he cares about me a lot, because he's willing to respect what I'm comfortable with? Or would that be reading too much into it?


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  • Definitely sounds like what you suggested, that he likes you a lot and would really like to kiss you, but knows you're not comfortable and is trying to be respectful of that. If you want to kiss him, or him to kiss you, next time he does something like that, turn to face him and put your face really close to his. He should get the idea that you're ready, and if not, you can always just kiss him (which will for sure let him know you're ready for that).


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  • No you're right and yes he want's to kiss you... He could also be nervous lol tell.. Depending on how you want the kiss to happen its usually easier to say "I really want to kiss you right now" or tell him you want him to kiss you.. don't be nervous but laugh about it. It a lot easier haha this is only if you've seen him procrastinate on it for a while

  • He may like the scent of your hair.


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  • That could go either way.

    That's the kind of kiss that a parent would give to a child, or a sibling to another. It's a chaste kiss, and one of bonding.

    It means you're precious to him. That doesn't necessarily mean he sees you romantically, or that he wants more, but it does mean that he doesn't want to lose you, that he wants you in his life.

    But don't take this to mean that he doesn't want more. I was just explaining what kind of kiss it is.

    • Hmm okay, he told me he does want more with me though. Do you think that kind of kiss means that I'm really dear to him then?

  • Yeah it sounds like he likes you and is testing the waters to see will you let him in xx