If a girl initiates a hug at the end of a first date, is that a good sign?

I went on a first date with a girl yesterday. I met her at her work and took her to a small cafe for lunch. I am a very shy person so when i greeted her i shook her hand and smiled. After lunch i walked her back to work and she turned to me with her arms outstretched smiled and we hugged. Is this a good sign she likes me/I did well on the date.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, it depends on the girl's personality. You'd think the hug meant something if she was shy like you, but a girl with an outgoing persona would probably hug as a platonic way of saying goodbye. As for me, I don't give hugs to people, so when I do initiate a hug, boy, that means I like you haha.


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What Girls Said 2

  • We don't know the whole story. But , it sounds to me like a friendly hug. She definitely values you as a person. But I don't think she sees you as a romantic partner.

  • I think that's good, she probably didn't want to move too fast.


What Guys Said 2

  • Hmmm, you shook her hand at the beginning of your first date? It's totally cool if that's what works for you, but that seems like a very platonic act for a first date.

    The hug could mean a lot of things, or it could mean nothing. We just don't know, enough to make any good guesses. If I was gonna take a shot in the dark, I'd say that she might see you as more of a friend. Only way to be sure is to ask her out for a second date.

  • It means "Thank You and Goodbye"