He kissed my jawline, how should I respond?

So, I've been dating this guy for 5 months, and he has started to kiss my neck when we part ways, just a fleeting peck. At first, i didn't know how to respond. After asking my gfs about it, they suggested i kiss his cheek. So the next time we went out, before we parted; i kissed him on the cheek, then we hugged and then he kissed me again on the neck and nearer my face, at my jawline. I didn't kiss him back cause he's kinda shy and he pulled away smiling after he kissed me. It all happened so fast. Lol. Is it okay that i didn't kiss him on the cheek again? Next time he kisses me, should i kiss him on the neck too?

We're about the same height, but he's slightly taller than i am and buff cause he does gym. Do gym guys like to be kissed on their biceps or should i not do that since we're not exclusive? How much can i do.. in relation to physical stuff? He's the first guy I've ever been physical (although, admittedly, this may not even count as being physical to some of you) with.. so, green to this.

We aren't in a relationship because we think we're not emotionally ready for it yet. And we're both in different universities, so its a bit hard to see each other every week.


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  • My boyf started like that and it turned out he just wanted a pull ( tongues ) because it made him feel closer , he was attracted and wanted a lot coz he kept kissing neck which turns some girls on so guys think it might get them something (not all guys) you should kiss him on lips but then turn it into a kinda snog and see what his reaction is :-) .

    • Oh golly, I'm blushing just thinking about kissing him on the lips. Do you think I'll come of as cheap if i do do that though? Cause he and i aren't in a relationship.

    • No , just look at his lips and slowly bit yours , and if he wants to he will. Either ask or move in for the kiss

    • thank you :) this is really helpful! i shall try it next time i see him then :D thank you again!

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  • So, if I read this right, you have been dating a guy for 5 months but haven't kissed his lips yet?
    Next time kiss him on the lips, it can be a quick peck.

    • Yup, that's right. Just to clarify, we're dating, but he's not my bf. We've admitted to each other that we like each other, but haven't become exclusive.

      should i still kiss him (on the lips) , in this case, since we're not exclusive?

    • I would. You have been with him long enough to form a bond that would support lip kissing.
      Try just a quick one or two second lip kiss, and things should be fine, if you feel ready.
      You like each other. Go for it. It will be nice.

    • thank you :) this is really helpful too! so i have two ways to initiate now!! yayy! thank you again!

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