What do you think of quiet, innocent and emotionless girls?

I’m 17, never dated anyone.

So, I’m not completely emotionless. When I talk to people I like I still laugh/smile and stuff, but in the long run I don’t like to show emotion. I’ve always felt emotions were signs of weakness; I don’t like having heartfelt conversations with people, I’ve never told my parents/grandparents I loved them, I never told a guy I liked him, etc. When people meet me for the first time, 95% of the time they think I dont like them or that I’m mad.

I’m not that quiet, unless I’m in a new environment. I’m not a party person, though. Once i’m comfortable with someone, I talk nonstop. I’d say most people who know me well enjoy talking to me. And by “innocent,” I mean that I haven’t really done anything with guys.

Obviously, something is probably wrong with me if i’m 17 and never dated anyone. What do you guys think?

I forgot to add I have lots of guy friends though, probably more than girl ones.


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  • The "showing emotion = sign of weakness" thing is going to be a BIG problem.

    Guys have emotional needs in relationship as well and if u don't show emotion, he will feel unfulfilled in the relationship and eventually leave.


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  • I had my first girlfriend when I was 20. So in your world I must have so many things wrong with me then.

    What separates a human from a machine? - Emotions.

    You don't have to become a drama queen just because you talk about and express your emotions. Emotions is what makes a person alive, it's what connects people. What is the point of talking to someone that has no emotions? I might as well have a conversation with my computer or my toaster.

    But of course you have emotions. I think you, like many guys, have trouble connecting and understanding them so you rather stay away from them because they make you feel confused and awkward.

    I think you need to try and get rid of the notion that emotions = weakness.

    Yes, there's times when there is no time for emotions, when emotions would be a liability. Those times are usually in the middle of a battlefield.

  • If you don't like showing emotions, why would you even want a relationship? It's not weird of you to be 17 and to not have dated anyone. There's no (or at least there shouldn't be) pressure to date someone when you aren't ready.

    • well, just because it’s not easy for me to show it, that doesn’t mean I don’t feel it.

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    • am I too high maintenance for guys or something? :o

    • Eh, maybe. For me anyway, if it were too difficult to get you to open up, then I wouldn't really want to bother anymore. Having a relationship without a strong emotional connection sounds kinda sucky.

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  • Omg thats me!

  • If you're closed off to emotions then why do you even care what other people think of you? You closed yourself off