What is the limit when it comes to PDA in a movie theatre?

How comfortable and what are you comfortable doing in a movie theatre on a date?

  • Sitting next to each other doing nothing
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  • Holding hands
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  • Making out
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  • Fingering/hand job
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  • Oral or more...
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What Guys Said 4

  • The reasonable limit seems B), but my hentai senses want me to vote D) as long as you have something to cover your pants with, such as a sweater. But I could never really figure out what kind of movie it is that you would pay for to watch with people surrounding you in the dark and end up doing such sexy things rather than watch the actual movie.

    By the way, I couldn't figure out which one to vote.

  • If you do it without anyone noticing fingering/hand job is fine

  • No anal...

  • If p*rn has taught me anything (and God willing, it has) there are no limits

    • hhahah anything you've tried?

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    • Many different ones. We chicken out a little tho, by doing it in the back row of an unpopular movie toward the end of its run

    • hahahaha I would think so... wow. lol

What Girls Said 2

  • I won't go beyond making out.

  • Who the fuck does oral in a movie theatre?

    Handholding is the limit.

    If you want to make out or more, go rent a movie and watch it on your own couch. Then no one would give a damn if you want to play tonsil tennis with his penis.

    • hahaha I don't even know if I could make out in a movie theatre unless we were in the way back corner! Just want to hear what other people say.