Can I apologize for being awkward, or is that lame/weird?

Okay first off just so you know, I'm 22 and have zero dating experience.
So I went on a third date with a great guy yesterday, and as I was leaving we hugged. But as I was pulling away from the hug I think (and of course I realized this too late) that he was leaning in for a kiss. I stood there awkwardly for a minute and rambled about the Improv show we'd just seen, and then left. I feel bad, like I really messed up or gave him the wrong idea or something. I'm texting him now and I was just thinking of saying something like "hey, by the way, I just wanted to apologize for my awkwardness yesterday. It's something I've always excelled at, haha"
Would that be weird for me to do though?


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  • Dont apologize. It sounded cute. Men are nervous too. We understand.


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  • If you're worried that your behavior showed disinterest, propose going out again and modify your behavior at your next opportunity.

    You could write to him, but the word apology is severe for this case. Were I in your place I might say something like "I'm concerned my behavior was awkward on our last date, and ask that you excuse me as I am still unfamiliar with dating."

    Try not to through in too many "hey"s, "by the way"s and other qualifiers. Just get to it. And bear in mind that laughter expressed in text is not so much like laughter in speech. When girls write ha ha or lol after each of their statements, they risk sounding deranged, laughing loudly after each sentence.

  • Not such text! Just live as nothing bad has happened and continue the things you are for;) Start texting each other... I would suggest asking "how are you" and than you will move to the desired subject: maybe he want to hang out another time.

  • Nah that's too much
    Just message him XoXo out of the blue, let him connect the dots. Make it fun.

    • Ahhhh yeah I don't think I can do that. I'm new at this and I need to move slowly and get comfortable with him. So you don't think I should bring it up at all?

    • well , if he connect the dots the right way , he may think that you KNEW he was trying to kiss you and maybe.. just maybe think you were just being a tad hard to get. (we get it.. girls enjoy the chase)
      At least that way things will be less awkward... I'll assume.

      Assuming you would have kissed him if you didn't fumble the catch the 1st round lol

  • Yep. whenever you do something weird, just let it go

    • So what, just leave it and pretend it never happened?

    • It's easier that way. you don't want to make it more awkward

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