Should I just tell her to FUCK OFF for good?

i like this girl so much, well not as much as i liked her in the last 2 weeks because of her behavior. Everything was good until she started playing hard to get by pretending to be busy, not replying to my text or taking calls. I decided to forget about her and never contacted her again then after two weeks she sent me text and a voice message explaining reasons why she is being so scarce, i did not reply. after 3day she tried more by uploading a drawing i made for her on Facebook then called me later that night to check on me. i told her i forgot to reply to her text then we had a good little chat over the phone. I did not text her until she started it by asking me for directions to where she was going and i helped her. Then yesterday i texted her and she hasn't replied till now so im thinking should i just tell her to fuck off if she tries to get my attention? coz it looks like she is an attention freak. im planning to tell her "i think your behaviour is Ho, so its either you stop it on me or you fuck off for good coz its childish" do you think its gonna change things?


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  • Never allow someone to dictate how you feel and if this does happen, never break attention to the fact they have unsettled your frame and knocked you off your rhythm. What you need to do is delete her number, get rid of her social media connections with you and move on.

    You did good initially by going no contact but then you faltered and fell back into communication. People don't seem to understand no contact. No contact is there to be used when you are so sick of a particular person that you cut them off indefinitely. It's not a tool to be used to try and get back at someone or get their attention or trying to get them to alter their behaviour.

    It's a simple "get out of life and stay out of it for good".


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  • You aren't even dating the girl and the relationship you have with her is strained. If she can't even treat you decently now, there's no reason to think anything will change if you start dating her. Move on and find someone worth your time. Someone who looks forward to talking with you and going out.

  • It sounds to me as though when you play Hard to get, she comes along the most. But when you show a little initiation, she puts you on her pay no mind list, and Contacts you when she feels like it, or wants to give you the time of day on Her 'Time.'
    However, she Did 'Replay from yesterday,' so let it go for now. Be polite and text back. She may have gotten tied up with something, but did respond at least.
    I do think, down the road, she may go back to her old ways of Not responding, being sporadic with other messages, as well, and if that would happen, I would simply tell her then: Leave me alone. Find someone who gives a damn, cos I don't anymore.
    You appear too much of this gentleman in my book to tell Anyone to: F*uck off.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks. But im not the type of a "Fuck Off" guy.. i just dont like playing little mind games coz i find it childish. Yesterday she didn't reply either. I just dont like the part where when i cut her off then she comes back to me. I deleted her number from my contact list, i just hope she doesn't come back again.

    • Oh, I was under the impression she did reply for she you say 'Replied to now." I see... Yes, she is childish, will play games with you. And if I had understood that she didn't Reply at all yesterday, I would have for sure told you to delete her from your life... Good work. xx

  • Nah, I would not let her know she even had an effect on you. With people like this it just feeds their ego. I dealt with a guy like this for almost two years. He was always the one who texted me out of the blue, ask to hook up but whenever I agreed he could never follow through. I finally told him to leave me alone and he has. but believe men wanted to say a lot more to him than that, but I was not going give him the satisfaction which I think he would have had given his enormous ego.

    Just treat this one like she doesn't exist. You watch, as soon as she realizes you have disappeared she will start texting you more. But do NOT give in to that. These people like the juvenile game of cat and mouse and they also don't appreciate you that much if they are pulling this crap on you.

    Blow her off, you'll come out the winner.

  • Trust me just tell her to fuck off you can do better :)

  • You did the same thing to her. You don't have the right to be indignant if you stooped to her level.
    Just drop it and ignore her. If she annoys, tell her you don't want to be bothered on the phone, ignore her online and that's that.

  • You need to listen to why, she sounds like she's trying and needs someone to talk to... if you like her that much then don't give up on her. x


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  • Not sure what say here, it does sound like she flaking on you.

    I personally hate those types of games, if she starts that then just equal the playing field and do the same thing she does. And when she asks why you why haven't texted; just confront her and tell her how you feel, if she agrees then at least you've got your answer

  • I don't get the hostility. You are showing her she got you by getting so angry. Just move on with your head held high if you are done playing

    • Im not really angry, im just annoyed by her, but you are right i will just cut her off silently.

  • Tell her to fuck off the same way she is telling you to fuck off. Ignore her.

    • Forca deserved most helpful for sure. You make you happy and no one else. It is a fallacy that someone can complete you or make your life fantastic.

    • Exactly, especially for someone that i have known for only a month and chat via text. Im more of a loner introvert and i dont really need people's attention to be happy, its only on her that i had this special feeling for the 1st time, she actually messed it up herself so i leave it at that. Thanks for your help.

    • You're welcome and be well.