How come I can only attract MILFs?

I get MILFs hitting on me all the time, and I've slept with many (in their 30s). They compliment me a lot, but I don't take it seriously.. because girls in their 20s would seldom touch me with a 5 foot pole.
I just don't get it.. is this weird?
By the way.. these MILFs aren't some run down losers you'll find at trailer parks.. their very classy, rich, educated and beautiful. They're either separated, or cheat on their husbands.
I hardly get any attention from younger, more fertile women.

I'm educated, good looking, entertaining, have a good body, spiritually mature in my values and attitude.. but know how to let loose and waken up that 18 year old in me. And yet.. I only attract MILFs.


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  • Most young girls don't have it together emotionally and if they do, they've already have a partner by their side. Its all about good timing.

    • Agreed. Fate and timing play a huge role.
      The problem is, I even do poorly with singles in their 20s on the dating app Tinder. As you said, it's probably the emotional maturity factor..

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    • Yes don't forget mental illness is a big occurrence among them. Could be financial too.

    • I'm talking about depression mainly.

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  • you're just a milf magnet dude

  • Perhaps you're a good listener but also do well to participate in the conversation where younger girls may be too absorbed to care what you think or are surprised when you have something to add. Also if you're only attracting women who are seperated, divorced or still married but unhappy you're appealing to their neglected side. Whichmeans that their spouses caught a trophy but are uninterested in what's inside. There are probably plenty of women who are still single in their 30s and 40s who are just as shallow until they are neglected in marriage, it's just the way they are treated.

  • Why guys want immature young girl. Your an adult? You want to go with you girls they hang out with their hs friends so you want to be a perve old creep too?


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  • that happens to me too. you sound like me in personality too

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