Dealing vs. Dating - What's the difference?

So where I'm from lots of people "deal" meaning they're testing the waters/ go on a couple of dates to see if they're actually interested in each other before they become bf/gf. However, I have noticed that this "dealing" period sometimes lasts more then a few dates because of sexual behavior. My friend for example slept with her bf before they started dealing and then had an open relationship for the longest time (almost a year) before becoming bf/gf. Other friends ended up sleeping with the guys they were dealing with too and never had an actual relationship.

So is "dealing" the new form of dating?
It seems to me that many people use it for quick sexual relief... I know this is not always the case but I'm curious as to what others think.


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  • Yup, sounds like it. You should specify the country if you want responses from people near you.

    • I live in Canada but I would think that this would be a similar experience for most North American places.

    • I must be an old fogey, never had anyone 'dealing' with me before :)

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