My friends with benefits said he loved me but I don't know what to make of it?

A few months back My on again off again friends with benefits of 3 years told me that he had feelings for me. I didn't give it much credence because at the time we had a falling out and he was trying to get things back on track.
2 months ago I told him I was casually dating my ex again he was really upset and told me it wouldn't last and he wasn't the one for me. We hooked up today and after I made him lunch we were chatting and he mentioned he loved this fast food restaurant and I happened to have a ton of coupons for free food there so I gave him a bunch. He responded " thats why I love you" I was so stunned but I kinda laughed it off after he hugged me. I'm not sure what to make of it or if I should take it seriously. Because that was such a random way to profess your love I took it as I love you not I'm in love with you sort of thing. What do you guys & girls think?


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  • well -_- first off its very hard to "fuck" a friend... and not develop some feelings for the other. I mean sex is pretty intimate lol so yea there is bound to be some attraction. He doesn't want to ruin what you guys have... not just the sex part. He probably meant i love you... but i think he is "in love" with you. Considering he got mad about your ex.
    I mean do you like him at all... in the sense of yea i would go out with him? Because i think that question or situation will be in your future very soon lol


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  • I think you could be reading too much into that figure of speech.

    The other stuff, thought: could he be trying to turn you into an actual girlfriend? Maybe. When you were casually seeing your ex he might have seen an end to your NSA fun but he might also have worried you'd have gotten serious with the ex again. It's not unheard of in friends with benefits situations where one wants more from the relationship, I would say at this point you should just keep an eye on how things go - see if you get any more hints whether it's love for you as a friend or 'I want to be your boyfriend' love.


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