Am I am a homoromantic heterosexual?

I have never fallen in love with a female and I have only been physically attracted to males.

However, often the guys I know have personalities that don't appeal to me. They're just so uninteresting, and they appear so emotionless. But many girls I know are just much more interesting and easy to relate to.

Sometimes I'm with a female friend and I think, ''Dang, if she were a guy, I would totally want to marry her.'' However, I ONLY feel like kissing/dating/marrying her when I imagine her as a guy. I like her personality and everything, and I think it would be so nice if a guy I met had the same personality. However, I simply am not in love with her just because she is a girl.


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  • Maybe. Sexuality is so complex and varied and nuanced. Heck, even sexual gender isn't as clearly defined as we like to think.

    I've only ever had hetero sexual interactions. In public, I only notice women in terms of attractiveness. But, at least once in my life, I've become close enough to a male friend that I would have been completely open to being in a relationship with him, had he wanted it. It was definitely more a friendship, love, companionship based thing, rather than pure sexual attraction, but I get what you're saying.

    Sex is complicated. Figure out what's true for you, but don't sweat applying one of the very limited terms out there to it.


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  • There are guys who fit that profile at there you just have to find them

  • No you are an unrealistic heterosexual :)


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