I feel like my soccer coach flirts with me?

Okay, so I am a senior in high school and i recently turned 18. Even though age doesn't make a difference in this case, I think my soccer coach likes me. Some may find it weird and others will find it normal. He flirts with me all of the time, like today we were walking back to our cars from the field and he was hitting me with his sweater in a cute kind of way. I actually like him a lot and he told me to come back next year and become assistant coach. He also said that we are going to have our wedding on our biggest rivals field<3

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  • Hmm, this sounds very similar to the plot of the new James Franco film 'Palo Alto'.

    I think if you've noticed him behaving this way towards just you, then definitely he likes you!

    On the other hand--maybe this is stating the obvious--but if he's doing this to other girls/ women also then it's probably just his personality and he's a very flirtatious kinda guy.

    • If only there was another guy. anyway a couple girls on the team told me they think he likes me, soo maybe it's real maybe it's not

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  • He is doing pretty much what I would do under similar circumstances. But the real question is, have you let him know that you are available to start dating? if you feel any chemistry at all you should allow things to happen. ;)

  • Def bang him


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