Girls, would you find someone with a droopy eyelid attractive?

Whenever I see girls staring at me, i'm usually quite self-conscious as to whether they are staring at me cause of my eye or whether they find me attractive. So that usually leads to me looking away and if they did like me, they would have thought i didn't like them back because I wouldn't look at them. even though its because im pretty self-conscious.
Here's a proper pic of me


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  • To be honest, it's not that big of a deal as you may seem. You're a fairly attractive guy.

  • I've seen a lot of questions that are phrased like this: "do you find baldness attractive? do you find pimples attractive? do you find crooked teeth attractive?" And I'm really sorry, but chances are the answer is no, I do not find it attractive. I do not find that particular thing arousing.

    HOWEVER - you can still be an attractive person in spite of being bald, having droopy eyes, etc. And yeah, there might be a few people that are especially turned on by a guy being bald or having droopy eyes. Just like there are people who find it to be an absolute tunr off. But I think that the majority has no particular feeling about it, and will just look at it as part of your whole face.
    My point is, try not worry so much about one particular part of you. People see you as a whole person.


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