Are single moms easier to date and hook-up with?

Because there's lots of guys out there who aren't cool with the idea of dating a girl with a kid. Doesn't that mean single mothers have fewer options?

There's a girl I like who happens to have a kid; I don't mind it at all that she has one, and I can see past that.


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  • You are right lots of guys are not down for a single mom, because they think, they just want to get married, or have some one to take care of the child, yes that is true. Or some guys are not into kids... blah blah. Reality is that lost of moms really handle their situation right. They are indepndent, or trying hard to be there, because we dont want to depend on some one. Im a single mom. I tent to scare guys away because im all about my goals and son, im very stable, i dont depend on anyone. In the other hand i have a. bf who treats me like a princess, and loves to show me off. Over all its about conection!!! As long as she not drama

    • That's good you found someone. Did your new boyfriend go into the relationship with much child-raising experience, or did you teach him the ropes?

    • I actually meet him while my son was with me, i still think that was odd, but sweet. Well he has been around kids very much, since a few of his buddies are dads. But im taking it slow, especially when it comes to those 2, because it seems they already have a tiny bond. Over all be be honest with girl. And if you really like her, then you must know she has a bonus with her lol how old is she?

    • She's 25-26 I haven't gotten her age exact, but she's given lots of hints toward her age due to her life's stories she told me about herself.

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  • yeah statistically it does mean they have fewer options.. but really it all depends on the cards their dealing with... If she's ok with bringing new guys around her child then go for it just remember to respect the fact she has a child and can't be dragged into late night creepings be a boyfriend and supporter for her child its normal go for it!

  • So many guys are single dads that it seems to even out.

  • Go for it!
    You can sleep around and not have ANY kids.
    Single mothers are women who want the same things women without kids want, only diffrence is there is a child involved. You need to get to know her *first* before getting involved with her kid, because you don't want to become too attached to the child, but the relationship does not last.

    Also, most single mothers (not all) do want to settle down so you need to make your intentions very clear before getting involved. If you want a fling for a couple months be honest and tell her it's not fair to lead people on... Like I said just get to know she could be a really nice person don't let her child hender you from getting to know her... Good Luck

    • *Her*

    • Totally misspelled *Hinder*

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  • Yes, there is less demand for them in the dating market. Kind of sad that they have to raise a kid alone, but hopefully they meet a nice guy/make it work for them.

    I'm certain you will not be shunned or pushed away. Everyone wants attention at some time.

    Are you good with kids?

    • I don't really have much experience being around young children to be honest. Although I did become an uncle 10 months ago.

    • Well if you want to spend any significant amount of time with her, you've gotta learn.

      Can only go on so many dates (in which she has to find a babysitter), before y'all are eventually alone together at her house at which said child resides.

  • I believe so.. there's a reason why they are called single motha lol

  • They are slightly-used merchandise, and they've got the reduced price. Think of the attractive woman that dated Bill Dautrieve in King of the Hill. It's basically the equivalent of dating a hot woman but finding out she was born a man. Good from first look but a lot of damage when you get to know it.

    • I think comparing a single mom to a transsexual is extreme.

    • Of course you are anonymous.. because you are a POS cowardly pussy! what you are saying is extremely rude, disrespectful, ignorant And complete BS.

    • @ForgetMeNots4 someone is either a single mom or the daughter of one... feisty.