"We'll figure something out." - meaning? Should I stop reading into every little thing?

There's a bartender I'm interested in; we're friendly/flirty and have been texting sporadically. I saw him at the bar last night and he chatted with me as he could (it was extremely busy). Before I left the area he was working to meet up with friends elsewhere in the bar, I decided to throw it out there that I want to see him outside the bar. He said "we'll figure something out" and I continued that I was waiting for a perfect time to ask, but there was no really perfect time since it was busy to which he agreed. I reiterated that "I really do want to see him" and he said OK, but more patrons arrived so I scooted off. I didn't see him again before I left. So, "we'll figure something out" - is that just a nice way of not saying no but meaning no? Or is that something safe to say since he was at work and busy so I should just stop being in my head and see if he texts me?


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  • Well you wait and see what it means. if he texts or calls you up any time soon, so it's a good thing. It means he knows that you might say let's hang out or he might just do it himself. But if he doesn't then sadly i think he meant to blow you off. And you can text him, you don't have to wait for him but if he acted in any weird way, you know what it means.