Appropriate first date shenanigans?

ok so on a first date with a friend you have known for about 8 months is it appropriate to hug and give a kiss on the cheek or just hug or what

  • hug and kiss on lips
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  • hug and kiss on cheek
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  • just hug
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  • just playfull push or tease.
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  • keep hands to yourself
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I meant more so in the beginning of the date when you first see each other


Most Helpful Girl

  • It really depends on how the date goes more than anything.

    Amazing date: kiss on the lips
    Great: kiss on cheek
    Decent: hug
    Bad: tease
    Absolutely horrendous: hands to yourself

    She'll give you the cues you need. Just pay attention to how much she looks like she's enjoying the date

    • I meant in beginning of date too

    • Oh ok! I'd just give her a hug then. Not a full on one, but a really nice side hug.

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What Girls Said 4

  • See how your date goes! And consider your chemistry! Then decide what is appropriate! Just make sure she is also comfortable.

  • You could go in for the lips but if she doesn't go in too, suddenly go for the cheek.

  • I have made out on a first day. We had a great connection what can I say

  • A hug and a kiss on the cheek sound fine for a first date

    • when u first see each other in beginning of date?

    • At the end of the date, when you drop her home or if you're not dropping her, when you say your goodbyes

What Guys Said 1

  • I've heard going for a kiss is best since it gauges their interest right away but it probably depends on the person, a shy person might not want to kiss since they don't know you well enough but it depends..