Is it normal to be thinking about your crush all the time?

i feel not normal for thinking aout him all the time , but I can't control it, he just pops into my mind without permission? help? :(


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  • Yes and sometimes you crush on someone for so long you fall in love with them and thats all you'll ever think about and theyll never get off your mind believe me I've been there. And after awhile everything will remind u of them and thats called love.

    • are you sure? how do you know its not infautation?

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    • at least to get it off your chest

    • I already have and she didn't respond until i changed the subject so I don't know.

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  • To quote 16 Candles: that's why they're called "crushes". :)

    The best cure for a crush, if it's unwanted, is time. Try concentrating on doing other things, and being with friends.

    One thing that can work, if you can manage it, is to get to know him better. You may find your fantasy version of him and the reality are quite different.

  • Yes, that's quite normal, nothing to worry about.

  • When I first started liking my current girlfriend, she was all I could think about. Everything reminded me of her. Now, she's still all I ever think about. I guess it's called love. Good luck with everything.


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  • Aaawh.. That's adorable. It isn't called a crush for nothing girl! Don't you even worry about it, it's not weird or desperate at all. All girls go trough things like that. If you only knew.. ;)