Guys: You French kiss a girl to find that she has a missing tooth, turn off?

I'm still considering getting my second molar yanked out. I'm just afraid of it affecting my dating life. This was my first cavity that I let get so bad that now it needs a root canal. Are guys turned off by a missing tooth on a girl?


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  • As far as frenching goes, I'm more focussed on her tongue than her teeth. That being said, even if teeth are coming into the picture, molars don't play that big of a roll.

    Allllll that being said, if you get a tooth pulled and nothing in it's place, the surrounding teeth are just going to lean into the hole that's left. I'd recommend getting a filling.


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  • it is the biggest turn off. I would not kiss, even Angelina Jolie, if she has a broken teeth. joking.

    not really a turn off, if he is really interested.
    if he gets turned off by this, use your tongue to turn him in once again :p.


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