How long can you double date without getting caught?

Only my cousin and a best friend knows about this. That's the reason I don't want to make it exclusive with neither of them because I like them both but nope they don't know each other. They don't know I'm double dating.

Guy 1: Initially it was suppose to be a bet for about 2 weeks that my friend and I made. I lost because I did really started liking him (nope he doesn't know about this obviously). We've been hanging out for about 1 month now and I make excuses about needing to think about things. But yes, it seems to be getting serious.

Guy 2: A French guy I can relate too because I'm advanced in that language. It's many months since first speaking to him online but he recent stopped by for a visit to meet me in person. Again, things have started getting serious but yes do make excuses and lie about my schedule.

There was a close call once when I was exciting the movies with Guy 2 and from a distance saw Guy 1 with his friends. But yes, I've been trying not to make it obvious such as establishing my schedule, having two different accounts and making sure the dates aren't at the same place.

I would like to think I'm a master at this and can easily pull this without getting caught. I can't decide which one I would like to be exclusive with. But again, not sure how long can this last since it seems to be getting serious and well I'm undecided.


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  • And this is the very reason why a lot of guys don't want to pay for the whole date and think it should be split 50/50. Guys know that they can't get back the time and money invested in a date, so many would prefer for both parties to pay their own way because time and money are sacred and a terrible thing to waste.

    • But I actually had a great time with them both. I just can't decide which one I would like to be exclusive with. Would be cool if I was dating them both for the longest but I guess I can't keep this up much longer. If they find out I'm double dating, I'm going to get dumped for sure.

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  • An honest answer without judging?

    It's possible to keep it going forever.

    I know people who have been able to date 4 or 5 people at once for months sometimes years without getting caught. Really as long you're not careless it's really hard to get caught.

    That said Heaven help you if ever drop the ball and they guys meet. Cause I've also seen the situations get heated.

  • I really think that u should cheat on the poor guys they haven't done anything for them to deserve this! I think that u should either tell them so they know what's going on. If they actually like u a lot then they will forgive u if not sucks to suck

    • More than likely I'm going to get dumped by both. Yes... sucks

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  • Is it really worth your while? You're going to get dumped by both in the end for being decietful.

    • I know but they both are so wonderful, cute and great qualities that it's hard for me to choose which I would want to stay with. Like I said, I like them both a lot.

    • And they both deserve better than someone like you playing them.

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