My boyfriend called my bestfriend "hot"?

Okay. So. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost 2 months (not a lot of time, I know) anyway we are both in Highschool and I like him a lot and i think/thought he liked me a lot too...

So the trouble is that we were texting earlier and I happened to mention my bestfried. Then we got to talking about her and I was all "literally so many guys like here" and I'm not saying that lightly. My bff is extremely gorgeous and flawless and beautiful and sweet and has guys practically begging to be with her. I'm not saying I'm not pretty. Because I am (dont mean to be rude). But I guess im just not quite as guy magnetic. Anyways, haha, his reply was "well I mean, she's hot. I would date her. Sigh." Okay I'm not gonna lie. I read that and broke down. Like there were legit tears. And honestly I felt really really stupid because I was probably seriously over reacting. It's not the fact that he would call her hot, because she is, and he was probably joking... But it's the fact that he told it to me. Plus, he has told me in the past that he doesn't like it when girls talk about hot guys in front of him, so why would he do it to me... About my bestfriend? And what was the sigh all about? It made me like... Dought myself, almost like not think I was good enough, and it wasn't okay for him to make me feel that way about my bestfriend... And I'm not the jealous type.

After everything happened.. I kinda got to thinking. So, he met my bff first and always seems to care about her. Always trying to help her with probs and stuff because they're aquantence/friends too. Also, the other day we were walking and he legit left me to grab her hand and walk with her (as a joke) and of course my friend left him and ran to me because she is absolutely the sweetest thing ever. (: but all of this is just making me wonder if there was something that I had missed about our relationship? He has called me hot before too.. If that helps. Thank you for any replies!! mwuaa (:
My boyfriend called my bestfriend "hot"?
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