How do you feel when you fall in love? Describe your feelings/thoughts and what you do :)?

First I'll say that I didn't know in which Topic I should put this question.
Anyways, here is how I feel:
Well I can l like many girls but it will be just one I will fall in love with. Then I forget every other girl. It's a wonderful feeling even tho it hurts sometimes. I feel like I wanna shout everyone I like her. I want to talk with my bestfriend about her.. give me advice and share our thoughts. I will spend literally every minute each day thinking of her. I daydream a lot :P I think of that particular time I'm doing something (ex. playing guitar), doing it with her. I listen hours of music fantasising what it would be like with her. I even dreamt kissing with her sometimes. Also it boosts my confidence... I suffered a double injury 1 month ago and I still do. I wasn't happy at all. Thinking of her and talking with her literally boosted healing! And the good thing is that I know I really like her (cannot say I love her as I haven't even spent a day with her)... but I like her very much and I'm not desperate either.
So enough of my talk haha... how can you describe your feeling of 'love'?


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  • It's simultaneously the worst and best feeling ever. It always makes me feel like I'm floating, and there's a nervous happy glow in my stomach. All you want to do is talk to them and look at them. You want them to hold you, you daydream about them all the time. But then there's the bad side, where they don't feel the same way, which is when it becomes a yearning and this intense feeling of loneliness


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  • Hmm well I've never really been in love.. or maybe i have I don't know..
    I don't even know if love is something you can interpret in one way.
    But I know when i really really like a guy. which i currently do.. i tend to fantasize a lot about him.. Some nights i have dreams about him. Every time i see him.. I have this feeling in my stomach..-a good one.
    I honestly see him as perfect.. i notice every little thing about him as well.. when he's sad when he's happy..
    Everything i guess..
    Also i anticipate the next time i am going see him too..
    So yes.. this is what i do..

    • Sometimes when you eat, do you feel nauseus or not feel like eating? Or is it just me?

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    • you tell me? i couldnt eat or think properly the whole day... haven't had a happy moment either :/

    • Really? Okay, maybe you should talk to her.. do you have her number or Facebook, or something.. than you can mssg her. So that you won't drive yourself crazy.
      I think its really unhealthy, not to eat man. DONT MISS ANY MEALS!!
      But you could write down your feelings.. on a piece of paper or notebook, than you can get some of your feelings off your mind. Or u can share with me if your comfortable. Its okay if you're not i'd understand.
      And no you won't look weak if you express how you feel. Personally, i'd like that. ( i really wish my crush would do this)

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