Girl invite me to hang out with her friends. Should I join?

Recently i had meet a girl online few week ago and we had when out for coffee date once. She seem to be interested in me since after the coffee date we been texting each other almost every day and each time almost 1 hours. She also had been hinting me her free schedule and what movie she like to watch.

So yesterday i was asking her what is her plan on Christmas and Christmas eve. She suddenly invited me to join her and her friends to celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve night. To be honest i am more interested to when to date with her one on one

Should go and hang out with her and her friends? is this a sign that she is interested in me or being friend zoned?


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  • If you're free Christmas eve, instead of being with family, that makes my heart hurt. Do not dump the family to chase some girl.

    BUT if you're free anyway, then joining her and her friends might be pretty awesome.

    You must understand something... girls will often NEED the approval of their friends before dating a guy. So her request might be partly to do with her needing them to meet you. So if you're free anyways then go, and make her friends love you.

    Or she might simply be hanging out with friends and worried that you're alone that night.

    In either case we don't just date a person... we date their social connections and their families.

    If she's still into you after seeing what you're like with her friends then she's going to be completely HOOKED on you. So take this opportunity and make the most of it!

    PLUS this gives you more insight into her personality and behaviours. Maybe you'll find out she's a crazy drunk and not really what you're looking for, right?

    ~ Robby

    • I do agree with you that "we don't just date a person... we date their social connections" but i feel that we just start texting each other few week and when for date for once. I think it is still too soon to meet her friends as i barely knew her yet. I would prefer to start meeting with her friends after the third dates onward.

    • Think of it like this... you're a big scary guy. She's a vulnerable girl. Being alone with some bulky stranger is not ideal for a woman, until she's gotten to FEEL his vibe in social scenarios. If you're uncomfortable in crowds that will tell her a lot about you.

      Plus, this is exactly the same thing you should expect when meeting a girl at the bar, or restaurant. She NEEDS to see what you're like with other people before she can relax enough to be alone with you.

      But I guess women can speak to this better than I can.

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  • I think being friend zoned.

    Try to invite her a date.


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  • You have the right Idea!!! Group dates are bad when you are not official, if I were you one on one dating will be best, group dating will put you in the friend zone, most times. I would decline, by having elsewhere to be, and reschedule for a time where you two can be alone.

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