Ladies. Would you hold hands, cuddle up when falling asleep, Spoon etc with a male in the friends zone?

I am going to sound so stupid. Normally I know but I must like this girl a lot as I don't know what or how to to make the first move when she is around.

So. I met this girl 4 weeks ago at salsa dance class. We got on well and I saw her a few times since. She is a very guarded person and her past boyfriends are players so had difficulties trusting men.

Most of my friends are female so I am used to linking arms and falling asleep in the same bed with them. With this girl, the most I do is link arms and not much.

She is in a place where because of her past bf, she is not ready for a relationship but seems to want one. Our common friends told me that she kind of likes this guy who she met before we knew each other but he got a gf and he is playing her.

Yesterday we went to this salsa dance event. There was supposed to be me, her and two others (but they met other people so ) when we got back to the hotel room it was just me and her. We cuddled up and fell asleep. Next morning, she wanted to cuddle / spoon / fall asleep on my chest with her arms around and I just held her hand ( like I did with my ex gd) and she kept extending the time by 5 mins until we had to check out (for an hour or so in the morning) and until I walked her to the bus we were holding hands all the way among the hotel crowd (well I grabbed her hands and she was fine).

I like her a lot and for some reason I am waiting too long to ask her out (this does not happen to me at all). I got a feeling that she is not ready for a relationship so that could be one thing. I know she does like bad boys and I have been one of the nicer guys (according to friends)

My question - would you ladies hold hands, fall asleep and cuddle/spoon with someone you met about 3 weeks? I will get some courage to ask her out but I am worried that I might fail to read or mis-read the signs ( at my age).

Many thanks


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  • I have cuddled, held hands and spooned with one of my guy friends. I actually just did that last night while at a NYE party with a few of my closest friends. I'm not into him as more than a friend, but I don't mind being that way with him. I would do what @Account said and just kiss her unexpectedly. She most likely has a thing for you.


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  • I would not cuddle, hold hands or spoon with a person I didn't want to be with.
    But yes, there are girls who would do it.
    Do not ask her out. Just kiss her when she's not expecting it.

  • ... no i wouldn't. he's in the friend zone for a reason. not just gonna hand out my affection that easy.

  • I would only do that with a guy i liked and trusted, which would be a very good sign.😃


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