Is inter crew dating or crewcest okay?

Okay, so I am the only girl in my crew (street dancers) and I am also one of the captains. I am proud of what I do and fiercely strick when it comes to the guys datin girls from other crews. Most of us keep our relationships low key and dont let it interfere with what we do as a crew, but lately one my crew members has shown interest in me and had expressed his feelings for me. He then had left me to decide whether I feel the same and want to persue a relationship or not. I do have feeling for him, but I am afraid to compromise our crew relationship with a romantic one. What should I do?

  • Tell him how I feel and try dating
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  • tell him of course let him have the cute girl in his life. if u like him then go for him.

  • What you have to think is if it doesn't work out would it affect the rest of the group.


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