Am I a starfish in bed? Help?

Okay so when I have sex with my boyfriend im not sure if I'm been a starfish or not. i move with him I wrap my legs around him I bite him scratch him, is that good enough or do I need to be on top more or am I just been a boring starfish?

What do you like also?


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  • That's okay.
    But you could be doing more.

    I <3 doggystyle because I like to bounce my ass back on my guy's penis.

    Also girl on top (reverse) and (forward) puts you in a lot of control.

    There are plenty of ways to work that position.

    You can grind your hips (in a circular position).
    You can plant your feet flat on the bed (in a squatting position) and go up and down.
    You can have your legs flat on the bed, lean forward (make the sex more intimate) and kiss him at the same time.

    You can be fun and exciting!
    Stop being a "starfish" and do other things.
    There's a whole world for you to explore.

    Keep the sex interesting.
    It doesn't always have to start off the same way.

    Talk dirty to him if you're comfortable doing that.
    Be more vocal.
    Don't hold back on your moaning.
    Let loose!


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  • You're not being a starfish.

    Unless he's asking for specific things do what you want and just try not to be inhibited.

  • XD as long as you do stuff that shows him that you want what he does, it´s fine !

  • You have to please yourself too. Its not all about him. Both should be pleased :p ask him want he wants and tell him what you want


What Girls Said 2

  • You sound more like an octopus XD okay, I've joked enough today.

  • I love that loooool starfish im defo starfishing tonight