Been dating a guy for 7 months, no commitment, should I just walk away?

Been dating a guy for 7 months and we're not in an official relationship. The problem is he's scared to be in a relationship because of his past failed relationships. And it stresses me out because i always keep worrying that any moment he can just start seeing another girl or having sex and it really hurts me:(I'm tired of worrying and being so stressed. We see each other every weekend and text everyday but i still have this fear of him jusy hookinh up with someone. Guys, should i walk away? I'm so sick of this:((((```


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  • 7 months and not in an official relationship? Have you guys kissed? had sex? Wtf is this.

    • Yes we have:(

    • Then that means he's probably not down for you. He's looking to keep his 'options open', waiting for a better girl

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  • Walk away, so far away. He is using an excuse. If a guy wants a girl then he will commit. Why would this guy commit when he is getting all the benefits of a relationship but he isn't obligated to you or has to answer to you?

    • Thank you so much for your answer!!! You're so right!!! I'm so tired:(I cry everyday, it isn't fair to me:((

    • He's a douche. Make a classy exit and tell him you won't wait around for a guy to realize what he has when he has you. Dumped. Lol

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