Meeting my long distance boyfriend for the first time, super anxious, advice please?

I met my bf online a year ago, we've been in a relationship since. but he lives pretty much on the other side of the world from me and is visiting me in 2 days. I'm scared he's going to come here and not like what he sees anymore. Also afraid that we'll see each other and itll be awkward or that we won't have anything to say because we spend so much time talking about meeting and what not.

that and his friend who also lives near me is coming over to my house. im just unsure what to do. i feel like ill be awkward and not know what to say because I don't know his friend. do i shake the guys hand? when he comes do i sit silent while they talk i dont want to make a bad first impression meeting one of his friends for the first time help!


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  • Don't worry! It's totally normal to be nervous. I was, too, but it turned out so well! We hugged as soon as we saw each other at the airport and even though it was a little awkward at first, we were comfortable being near each other and had a pretty great first kiss about 15 minutes later. Don't be afraid to hug and kiss him - he IS your boyfriend, and I'm sure he's just as excited and nervous to see you as you are to see him. Ask him how his flight was, if there's anything he wants to see/do in your city, etc... talk about the things you'd talk about normally if you were texting during the day.

    You don't need to shake his friend's hand - just smile and say hi and ask some questions about where he works/goes to school. But make sure he comes over a few hours (or at least a day) after you and your boyfriend meet, because if he comes over before you've had a chance to get used to each other's presence, his being there will just make things awkward. I have a feeling that his friend won't want to intrude on your private time and will just want to spend some time with your BF, but by all means, join their conversation. Sit next to your guy, maybe lean into him so he can put his arm around you, and be polite and good-natured while the three of you talk. Offer them lunch/dinner/snacks/drinks since they'll be at your house.

    Instead of being home alone with your BF the whole time, go out and experience things together. Try fun restaurants, see a movie, walk around your town/city and show him where you grew up etc. Good luck and have a great time! :)

    • thank you for your response :) im a lot more excited than nervous now.

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  • There is no point in being in a relationship with someone who lives in another country. It won't last and it won't give you what you both need. Also the "relationship" is a phantom one, it's not real. You two don't know eachother, you have an idea of eachother but talking to someone is completely different to being around someone and really getting to know them. I wouldn't have any expectations about it because it most probably won't or can't amount to anything.

  • He obviously like u bc u have been datei for a year

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