Girlfriends parents won't let us be together?

Her mom said she would never talk to her again and woup cut her off from everything if she chooses me over them. I don't understand it doesn't have to be this way. She ended up breaking up with me last minute when we had plans to move out that next week. Then called me the next morning crying saying she made a mistake could barely even speak was just hysterical not making any sense. I said I would make it work and do as much as I can with her education. I just want her happy and I think her parents are extremely manipulative to abondoned their daughter like that. I'm not a bad person I don't understand this. Should I give her space? Just want her to be happy.


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  • Is she an adult?

    • Yes she is an adult

    • Ok the it was her choice and hers alone. She chose her parents because she values their support and their wishes more. It is exactly that simple. Do you want a woman who will end a relationship with you because her parents told her to? That's a bit weak.. or she didn't care enough about you, either way she chose not be with you, her parents aren't to blame.

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