Breaking up with my shy girlfriend. Thoughts or advice?

I've been together with this girl for about two and a half weeks. I think she is a beautiful and amazing person in every regard; its just that she's shy. Guys never really gave her a chance but I decided to ask her to be my girlfriend because I thought I'd be able to get her out of her shell and I saw the potential of a great girlfriend.

I feel that I need to break up because she's just too shy. When were on dates she's more of a listener as I do most of the talking. I try asking her questions and she gives short answers. When I try to be romantic she just smiles or giggles. We've kissed and cuddled on every date but that's usually the farthest I can get her out of her shell. At work (were coworkers too) she's also shy and doesn't say much. I've genuinely enjoyed my time with her, I just wish that she'd be more open and outgoing. I'm afraid that when it comes to more serious stuff (sex, etc) later she won't speak up about things.

Another side is telling me to stay with her whether or not she emerges from her shell. she's a genuinely nice person and I can tell I make her happy. I asked her out with flowers and surprised her by showing up to one of her violin concerts. She couldn't stop smiling and wouldn't let go of me which made me happy too. I wouldn't want to emotionally hurt an innocent girl who really trusts and likes me. Additionally, her parents really like me and have a lot of trust in me and I would hate to break their daughter's heart. They told me that she really cares for me and that I'm one of the best things in her life, which I am flattered to hear. They always offer to give us money to pay for our dates, but I refuse and use my own. I think I may be able to put up with the shyness but at some point it'll have to change.

All in all, whichever path I choose, I plan to be a mature gentleman about it whether its respecting her shyness or moving on without her. I truly love her because she cares so much about me and I enjoy being around her. Its just I would prefer for her to be more open.

Any advice?

Breaking up with my shy girlfriend. Thoughts or advice?
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