Guy ignoring me on snapchat after proposing a date?

So I met this guy on Tinder ( I know, not the best place to find love...) but we talked a lot etc Clearly to me he wasn't the douchebag type and so on. He asked for my snapchat which I gave him. The number of snaps really depended of the day. Sometimes it was just a few or nothing but on other days we could send each other at least 20 pics. He proposed to go running with me or studying or watch a movie etc. but we couldn't because we had our exams first. It also became our habit to send each other some 'sexier' pics but it never went overboard (by this I mean fully naked or lingerie or showing boobs and similar things) because I wouldn't have been able to deal with that. I had the feeling we got closer. When we both left on a different skitrip he was so sweet in his messages before the departure and clearly let me know he wanted us to stay in touch. That's the feeling he always gave me: the desire to meet me in real life. We got home and he basically asked me out but he said at the same time that it couldn"t work out because he couldn't be there on time. After comparing our schedules, we saw we had both a lot of time free on Thursday and Friday . So I thought that he would ask me out again but he didn't. I started talking to him on snapchat on Sunday again and he invited me over to his house because his parents aren't there. And we had basically arranged eveything except the date and the time. When I said him to keep me updated, he didn't answer. After two days I asked him, because of practical reasons, if I could still come over to watch that movie. He opened my message on snapchat but didn't answer it. It's been a day now and I don't know what to do. I don't believe he just forgot to answer... Should I forget him? I know he's just a guy I met on Tinder, but it's been already 2 months we're talking and sending each other pics and I got attached to him. Or should I just ask him why he didn't answer and tell him if he's not interested anymore that it's okay?

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He just sent a video on snapchat... Kind of afraid to watch it because it could be anything :/
SO he made it very clear again today... He didn't answer again to my message. I don't care, if that's his choice well okay that's fine for me. Can't wait to meet other guys!
Little question, after this very helpful comment I want to ask him why he does that? Good idea? And what shouldn't I say?


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  • Well I've been in his shoes quite a few times and I can't directly speak for him but it could be a number of things: he could be busy, discovered something undesirable about you, found another girl, or wussed out. My guess, at this point, is that he wussed out. I've talked with girls that seemed really great and we talked in a similar fashion but then when it actually comes time to meet up the pressure kind of gets to us and we bail.

    If I were you, knowing what I do, I'd do two things. First, I'd ask for some sort of explanation because in my opinion you deserve one. Secondly, I'd make it clear that there is no pressure and that you just want to hang out with him. Put the ball in his court. Let him figure it out. At least that's what I would have liked.

    • First of all I'd like to say thank you for your awesome message! I think the most probable thing is that he found someone else or that he's wussed out. Because it's not like he could have found something about me... He doesn't even know my last name or if he knows it, he can't see anything on social media... We don't have any friends in common so I don't think anybody could have told something. And it's not like I've done already something so embarrassing that a guy would run away from me.
      I'm really eager to know. But I don't know when I should ask him... When should I? Because he ignored me twice and I don't want it to happen a thrid time. I wanted to ask for some explanations and some friend told me not to ask that because she said I was going to rush him. So I asked him again if we were going to have that date. And he ignored that message. Is it still a good idea to send him something after that? All of my friends tell me it's his task to come back to me after my efforts?

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    • Speculating* I don't want you to get your hopes up though! There is no guarantee he will respond. I just think there will be a better chance if you approach it that way. There is a lot of information I don't have. Good luck!

    • No No I got that! But thanks for giving me another opinion on the situation than everybody else! I think you have all the information :p there's not so much more to tell I guess...

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  • It's possible that he'll still answer, but after all this time without contacting you I do think it's too weird. So, don't expect any answer, just ask him why he didn't reply for such a long time if he contacts you back.

  • "he invited me over to his house because his parents aren't there."
    Really, really sounds like a good idea?
    So was 'our' habit to send sexier pics his idea?
    Been two months maybe one of his other dates went well. Lol please tell me what the vid is im so curious now.

    • No of course it isn't

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    • That was always what I had been afraid of. I didn't have any experience with all those pictures thing and so on and when I got the first one I was like no ok he's just here for the sex. But then later he was so sweet. It was just a mixture of both which was rather confusing. Now I just think it was a way to get to me; I don't bother anymore right now. I think he has alrady done enough and I don't want to hear a thing from him again!

    • Players gunna play =/.

  • dont wait around

    • I won't, thanks for confirming what I was already doing!

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    • you may not get em. :(

    • I know I might not get them and that's the most frustrating part! I've never met him for real or something like that so I don't have anything else except his messages. And what he's doing is so contradictory... Sorry for all that frustration packed into a few messages but I have to let go!

  • If you give me your snapchat ID, i'll make up for it.


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