Why does this guy keep inviting me out to places then stop texting me?

He's so weird. he's highly attractive. Bulk tatted nice butt and just a nice face. He's in my city for business. We hung out once. Picked him up and drove him around. He has a big ego and very confident about himself. He keeps asking if I want to go to different places or see shows. I reply with sure, I guess. Or he asks me to go eat breakfast. I tell him to look at this place and he likes it. I say yes it's so good. He stops texting before we can finalize. Always at night time he stops. Here's the catch. He's cute, but I don't see myself liking him. I just think he's a chill guy and I'd hang out with him. Not sure if he's trying to hook up and keep me in a game with others he's texting? He already told me he has other girls he meets and texts and try to hangout with in my city. I'm cool about it and just indifferent. He keeps asking me to see shows with him and stuff. I tell him ok let me know details. He stops texting or he invites me to something different and changes his mind? He kept saying he wanted to meet my dogs. Also asking how my day was. I'm up for hanging out but this is getting annoying. I told him I'm not trying to hook up. He stated to me in the car that he's just looking for people to hang out with. Ok so why does he keep flaking?
He's weird - maybe short term memory
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He's just bored and talking to so many people that whatever girl says yes first he goes
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He's a guy
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Why does this guy keep inviting me out to places then stop texting me?
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