Why does this guy keep inviting me out to places then stop texting me?

He's so weird. he's highly attractive. Bulk tatted nice butt and just a nice face. He's in my city for business. We hung out once. Picked him up and drove him around. He has a big ego and very confident about himself. He keeps asking if I want to go to different places or see shows. I reply with sure, I guess. Or he asks me to go eat breakfast. I tell him to look at this place and he likes it. I say yes it's so good. He stops texting before we can finalize. Always at night time he stops. Here's the catch. He's cute, but I don't see myself liking him. I just think he's a chill guy and I'd hang out with him. Not sure if he's trying to hook up and keep me in a game with others he's texting? He already told me he has other girls he meets and texts and try to hangout with in my city. I'm cool about it and just indifferent. He keeps asking me to see shows with him and stuff. I tell him ok let me know details. He stops texting or he invites me to something different and changes his mind? He kept saying he wanted to meet my dogs. Also asking how my day was. I'm up for hanging out but this is getting annoying. I told him I'm not trying to hook up. He stated to me in the car that he's just looking for people to hang out with. Ok so why does he keep flaking?

  • He's weird - maybe short term memory
  • He's just bored and talking to so many people that whatever girl says yes first he goes
  • He's a guy
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Most Helpful Guy

  • post an actual text of this exchange.

    • from "Here's the thing" to the end... you're just reasoning your way into thinking he's a bad idea altogether... which is a defense mechanism for the subtle rejections.

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    • huh? It is? I didn't respond to him.. He had the last word and it was just "lol"
      Which was whack but whatever. Anyways thanks for reading my posts.

    • now'd be a good time to block him silently (since he got the last word)

Most Helpful Girl

  • I know exactly what this is. He's talking and going out with multiple people, spread thin, and it doesn't look like you're one of the priority ones. He wants to keep a hold of you in case others don't work out though. He will probably keep talking about places to go and shows to see, but won't end up doing any of them, and instead at some point he might try to arrange a situation where he can hook up with you, or he'll disappear one day and never reply back.

    This guy is a waste of time. I would cut him loose and spend your time on another guy or guys who are more engaged in dating you and don't flake.

    • Yeah I figured. He's definitely the hookup type. He was telling me a story on last time he was in my city and that he went home with a girl and then lost all his luggage. Why he tell me that? I don't know. I'm glad he won't go through with it because I'm a bit tired of driving people around to hangout with them. he's a cool guy to talk to. But I wouldn't date him. He's cute but I can already see his that the more he opens his mouth and tell me stuff-- he's a player. Lol. I don't think he finds me sexually attractive anyways. He just wanted people to hang out with. He didn't show any sexual desires when we hung out the first time.

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    • He was a douche bag already.
      So I went with the lie about going out of town. For him to have a safe trip back and nice meeting him. He replies with "lol" and that's it. -__- what a gentleman... *rolls eyes*

    • Yeah, good riddance lol

What Guys Said 1

  • He is joking

    • Joking for games? It's annoying. I just want to hang out with people. I don't see why he needs to joke.

    • When someone does not take you serious, you too should not take him serious.

What Girls Said 1

  • I met a guy like that 2 months ago. Maybe it's even the same guy? haha! Anyways, I think he just wants to hang out. Like friends. Since he moves around he is looking for people to hang out with and he wants to explore places. He is probably very busy with his work too. I met my guy on Tinder and I thought that meeting people on Tinder means looking for someone romantically/sexually, like dates and stuff, or nothing. But some people, especially the ones who move around often, use Tinder to find friends as well. So I was very surprised when he friendzoned me. But I got over it, we're still friends. He moved to another city 5 days ago, for business.

    • Omg! What's his name maybe he is the same guy. I automatically set the vibe as friends only thouh, lol. But it seems that he still does the sexual escapades

    • Nah can't be the same guy, I just saw that you're from US. This guy and I are from Europe. :) Anyways, just keep being friends, if you like hanging out with him. If you want something more then just ask him what's his deal. But I wouldn't have any expectations.

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