We like each other, but we both just got out of serious relationships... now what?

We both like each other... Went on a date, hung out a few times... Slept together...

We kinda freaked out because we literally got out of long very serious relationships... marriage & engagement.

I don't want anything serious... Had it don't want it. Honestly I think we are both used to being in relationships so we kinda went into auto pilot. We didn't talk for about a month, like zero contact. I started talking to a few different guys, he tried to rekindle with his ex yaddadyaddayadda...

Ran into eachother at a coffee shop, started texting again... more dates... Sex... Hanging out talking till 5am...

Then back to the start... I realized that I like him more as a friend really easy to talk to makes me laugh... Normally guys don't just want to be my friend so it's hard, but we have so much in common.

So I don't want to keep sleeping with him or have any romamtic involvement.

How do I stop this cycle without being a jerk? I don't want to lose him as a friend. Seriously we have the best conversations. I'm going to be traveling to Las Vegas and LA honestly I'm enjoying my freedom for the first time in years.

How can we stay Friends... Not friends with benefits... Without looking like a jerk? Idea (without being melodramatic)


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  • Everything you just told us, tell it to him. Explain to him that you really enjoy his company and don't want to lose him but don't want a sexual relationship.

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