How to date a shy, socially awkward girl?

I like this girl at my college. I've liked for a while. She gets really uncomfortable around me and I used to think I was bothering her. But she blushes around me a lot and smiles more now so I think she is just shy and awkward.

Anyways when I talk to her things always get awkward and I never feel comfortable making a move cause she starts to seem really stressed out.

I wish I could just get her to relax then I would feel comfortable. I don't know maybe I should just ask for her number anyways.


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  • I'm a pretty shy and socially awkward girl as well so I get where you're coming from.

    The thing is with shy girls, they don't think you're the problem; they think that they are. They think that it's wrong to mess up while talking to guys and feel really insecure about opening up.

    Start with saying a hello and smile. Smiling can make you look so much friendlier and that's definitely going to help her nerves and open up.

    You should ask her about everyday things like her favorite type of music, her hobbies, interests etc. Never give her a chance to answer with a yes or no, because that would definitely make her nervous. And if you're lucky you'll find something in common and things will click from there.

    Try this on a day-to-day basis and you should be well on your way to a beautiful relationship. Given that she blushes and smiles at you is a sure sign she is interested in you so you shouldn't have much to worry about in that area.

    Sometimes shy girls take the longest to get to open up but when they do, they are pretty cool people so don't give up and best of luck! :)


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  • This is weird because this is exactly how I act around guys. And no, I'm not socially awkward, I just see low myself when it comes to guys :/ not much confidence you know?

    I say, talk to her, don't ask her out right away. Then when she gets more relaxed then you should ask her out. She's just shy and you shouldn't give up on her if you really like her :) oh and the reason she acts this way is maybe because she's just not used to be so close to a guy before, so give her some time.

  • Lol she sounds exactly like me!

    Yes, she could be shy. I know I am, so when I wanna say hi, I back off. You should take the first step ;)


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  • If talking is hard for you two at first, then take her to some intertainment.
    Like a show, movie, exc.. So she will not feel obligated to talk much.