I am not attracted to women my age (or older). What should I do?

(To the contrary !), I am 44 years old. I am single, and have been for a number of years. At some point in the future, I will be once again interested and ready to pursue a relationship which will, hopefully, lead to marriage. As I get older, however, I have a problem. I find myself decreasingly less attracted to older women, and am not at all attracted to women in my age category. Girls I knew in my younger days look very old and physically unappealing in many ways to me. I realize that looks and physical/sexual attraction isn't everything, but if I don't have that component, it's never going to work. It is very important to me in a relationship. I am not in position financially, health-wise, etc., to go out pursuing younger girls. In addition, my education, conservative values, upbringing, tastes in music, etc. etc. would not correlate so well. Sooo... I feel rather stuck. Occasionally, I see a woman my age who to whom I find myself attracted, but they are few and far between, and as they get older, disappear altogether. What do you think I should do? By the way, I am not interested in "fooling around" or "hooking up," or "playing the field," etc. My aim is to meet someone compatible for the purpose of marriage. Thank you!


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  • I am not attracted to women my age (or older). What should I do?
    It's suited to seriously search for gals your age/older who are attractive to you. Unless you have standards even higher than high standards guys have I highly doubt you'll have issues with success. While you search it's also suited to improve your financial and health situation to be more appealing to younger gals as well as decide if you want to flex on your values and tastes that may not correlate with younger generations.

    • I am healthy. A bit overweight, but still attractive, And I exercise regularly and work on myself. But, I am disabled because of a back injury, and limited in my ability to perform particular physical tasks, etc. I struggle with chronic pain, and also due to that, it is difficult to increase my financial standing. As far as my personal values go, those, of course are un-compromisable! They define my faith and who I am in a person.
      Thank you.

    • You stated you were not in a position health wise to pursue younger gals. It's not a matter of simply being healthy but healthy enough to appeal to younger gals.

      If you were bit overweight but still attractive then you'd be getting younger gals instead of saying: "I am not in position financially, health-wise, etc., to go out pursuing younger girls."

      It seems you're suited to seek medication for the pain and again seriously search for gals your age/older while continuing to exercise and find a higher paying job that is low impact.

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  • All I can say is to go after women younger than you. I know you said that you aren't in a position to do that, but a lot of younger women like older men.

  • There are plenty of women out there with daddy issues. You should have no problem.