What's your ideal date?

Both boys and girls answer :) I want to see how different everyone's ideal date is


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  • One of the best first dates I've been on was pretty casual. I live near Houston so we went and checked out the museum district and the shops around there, talking and getting to know one another, stopped and checked out the zoo, stopping occasionally to eat the awesome street tacos they have here in Houston (think of those hotdog stands they have in New York, only it's tacos, because Houston is all about Tex-mex) and then that night went to a concert of the Houston Symphony Orchestra at the outdoor theater. It started to rain lightly but we didn't care, it was an awesome day.


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  • Take me from home, meet my parents without making a heart attack on the front steps. A nice dinner at a restaurant near the sea, followed by some dancing, then walking me home.
    A girl can dream :))

  • i think dinner when your on a date is really awkward. i freak out a bit cause i think eating around new people is slightly awkward. anyway, i think going for a walk, maybee visiting an museum, or an zoo or what so ever can be nice. :) id love to go on a trip with someone im dating! :)

  • Nature walking

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