Ladies... tips for guys to give you a better sex?

i have seen women complaining online and in real life that their partners are good but not the best in bed...

ladies... what advice would you give to guys for being better at sex.. tips and opinions most welcomed...

be as detailed as u can.. (and no bullshit please).


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  • I only have one.
    DONT give me oral, ever.
    I HATE it!!!

    • You and one ex are the only girls I have ever known to say this haha

    • I agree. It IS rare. Men looked shocked and are often speechless when you remove that playing card out of their deck.

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  • Don't rush things. With more foreplay sex becomes more enjoyable by both parts.
    This is one of the biggest universal truth, besides that girls like different things...

  • Mix it up. My man changes poisons at least five times, some of which I chose in the process. Hit all the right spots. He's never doing one thing for long, and that's what mashes it exciting for me.


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