Was blocking him the right thing to do?

Im in love with this guy who've I've known for about 4 years. We cam nd call and text mostly everyday and we know everything about eachother (he completely opens up to me). He told me he has feelings for me. He calls me most times he gets drunk nd tells me things he wouldn't tell me sober like how he wishes he was more carefree like other guys, nd how he has a wall up nd hates expressing his feelings he got hurt in highschool by a girl badly nd had couple of other girls who mucked him about after that.
He never wants to meet up with me though and if he does it's on his terms.
We met up like 4 times before nd he became distant after every single meet up.
But I thought this time would be diff cause he actually has feelings, I don't think it is in my head I can see it in his eyes nd it just kills me that he won't just succum to them.
he told me he fucking loves me when we wee in bed together (we didn't have sex he was too drunk for that)

I really really like him and it's so hard to move on I've tried so many times even last summer I went months without him and I still missed him and couldn't move on.

I told him I need some kind of consistency like I'm happy to do casual if I at least get to see him once/ twice a month. And he told me it bothered him me meeting up with or having sex with other guys so we both agreed not to.

After our last meet up he faded again wouldn't go to the cinema like he promised and told me not to panic il see him again but then another girl was flirting with him nd I freaked out and then he blocked me off chat nd told me not to contact him he needs time I sort his head out.

I didn't give him the time I freaked out nd said shit I shudnt have when I was drunk.

he eventually replied to me nd now he's denying everything his wall, his feelings he said he dosnt know If their true and he's gone back on our agreement to meet up

nothing makes sense

Also the last time we met up I drove to where he lives went to the pub and everyone was calling me his gf when we left he said it was a big deal that he brought me there and he's never done that before with any other girl.


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  • You guys need to talk about these things when neither of you are drunk.

    And you need to respect your feelings. The fact that you don't just put up with anything from him is important if this relationship is to go anywhere.

    But to be honest, it seems like you're putting a lot more effort into it than he is.

    • course i am I'm always the one asking to meet up! he has suggested things like going Christmas shopping and all before but they didn't happen. He is the one always asking to FaceTime and call me though. Deep down i think he's just a big chicken doesn't like getting close cause he doesn't want to get hurt again.

  • Do what you think is right.

    • I don't know man my head is fried..

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    • I've already gave him so many chances though. I've talked to some of my uni friends about it and they all think i should keep him blocked and move on because he will never change. But then i know this girl who managed to pull the game in her direction by paying fuck all attention to him so now he's all over her. Its hard to know what to do but i cannot be disrespected again:/

    • There goes your answer just block his ass...

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