A cute girl likes me, but I don't know how to take it. Never had a cute single girl with no kids contact me before. Should I take the risk?

Got this girl that's been messaging me and wanting to "get to know" me. Keep in mind I've been single for six years, so I've been out of the dating scene for a while. I've just been doing my own thing and minding my own business because I don't want to get hurt again. She initiated the communication and she's everything I want: single, no kids, has a great job, works hard, really cute, young (19), and is a very responsible person. There are two caveats though, 1. I don't know that much about her and she seems too nice to be true so her personality might change and she becomes psychotic after the relationship gets official, and 2. She's only 5'2" and I'm into taller women with long legs. I know she's physically attracted to me and I'm physically attracted to her too, but what's going on in my mind is "what happens after the physical attraction subsides?". Physical attraction is temporary and only provides the purpose for procreation, but a relationship is a whole other thing, you have to be forgiving, tolerant, and even compromise your lifestyle to fit theirs, that's how you can live with and get along with another person for a long time. She's looking for a relationship, but I don't think she can handle my personality, as I'm a wild water horse and tend to do what I want. Of course I'll remember I'm in a relationship and tone it down a bit, but I'm not going to be passive like I was before. I'm still going to stay assertive and have integrity in everything I do. I will not corrupt my character for someone else. She seems like a person with good character, but only time will tell. Oh and another thing, we talk about stuff, but it's nothing really exciting. We're both capricorns, but we have nothing in common. The only thing we have in common is we want to get our sex on, which I'm cool with that, but the delusion is the relationship part, where something that might be temporary is spoken as if it were going to be long term. One day I may grow to like her, who knows?


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  • Well ibalso think that you should consider that she's only 19 and although she's attracted to you you're way older for her what's going to happen when you're 40 and she 22 she would like to experience what you already experienced, if sex is what you want why dont you just get it over with and then keep looking


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  • Forget what ever the fuck you said, HOW ARE YOU 35 AND HAVE A PICTURE OF YOU SHIRTLESS AS YOU PROFILE PIC, what are you? Justin beiber

    • I agree, but you know that's his choice...

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    • I've already reported his ad hominem logical fallacy comment. Don't worry, carry on. :)

    • You have reported it but nothing has changed. I have not even received a message yet. My opinion stands firm. I can't see why a man is flexing his muscles in a profile picture, at the age of 35.

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  • wtf is a wild water horse?


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