Girls would you be willing to share a hot guy?

Obviously there are a lot more girls that want hot guys than there are hot guys, so girls would you be willing to share a hot guy rather than be alone/single?

This take gave me the idea:

If only hot guys are adequate for you to consider a sexual relationship with them, the only realisitic option is for girls to share or go without. So which would you choose?
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Just wanted to say that I'm not the one down voting you all, it's probably some self-identified "alpha".
Anyone willing to share?


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  • Nope not sharing my hot guy at all. I'm a selfish person and don't like to share things. :D

    Also that take was more talking about how if you won't go on a date. With someone who isn't that physically attractive people will say your shallow. Which is fucken stupid for people to shame others for a reason like that. Each person has their own idea of a level of physical attractiveness for who they want to end up with. Plus you need like 3 things for most people to want to date another person. They have to meet what they think is physically attractive, their personality, and how comparable they are. Sadly with things like that most of the time you just know if you should give that person a try. I know there isn't anything logical about that choice but it's the truth.

    Again saying someone who is physically attractive is tricky. I'll give an example of these male models I think they aren't that hot really. I know they are male models just I don't know to me something just seems off about them. For me nobody looks hotter than how my bf looks. Which is weird since i've never had that happened before. Just to me my bf is physically perfect looking. Yet he doesn't look like those guys.

    • Those guys aren't hot enough...

      Or are the guys you find attractive less stereotypically attractive?

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    • Oh okay, hopefully you're not alone in that - I've had girls tell me I'm cute, but I've assumed it's not really a good thing, as being cute's not exactly manly.

    • Oh no saying someone is cute is a huge complement. Being manly is more of how the body looks and personality wise. So not including the face. lol I know it's weird

Most Helpful Guy

  • Well, everyone wants a hot partner, while not everyone is hot, so should men also share the same hot woman?

    I know I wouldn't, and most girls wouldn't either.

    • Have a look at the take in the link. The take owner and a lot of female commenters seem to suggesting that they can't enjoy sex with any guy except the hot guys. Whereas while men would prefer a hot girl, an average girl is still fun to be with. I'd rather settle for someone who's not hot than be single.

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    • But we're not animals, we're not just looking to spread our genes, we also want love, intimacy, and sharing a man will most likely result in a lack of these things.

    • We are animals, but I agree that we are looking for more than just a way to reproduce. I was simply pointing out an explanation for why girl's are pickier than guys.

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  • Joey doesn't share food and I don't share guys! That's all I know. (I don't share food either but that's another issue).

  • I'll go without. I ain't got time to share what I consider mines lol

    • Would you consider dating a guy that's not hot?

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    • They are notorious for that aren't they...

    • Anyway thanks for answering.

  • Fuck no.
    I've got a hottie and not sharing him with anyone.

    • What about other girls that want to be with a hot guy too? There aren't enough hot guys to go around, isn't it only fair to share?

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    • You're don't consider yourself hot?

  • Maybe for a quick bootycall if I wanted that, but I'm not. looking for that so it's a no for me. I think you misunderstood the take. Girls can be attracted to average guys. Beauty and appearance are different things. Beauty deoends on the symmetry in the face, if he has beautiful hair or eyes etc. Appearance is something subjective and can be interpreted differently by people. You can be a handsome man, but not attractive, because your appearance is bad (he looks insecure, grumpy, cocky or not like a nice person) and you can be attractive but not handsome (so looking confident, looking happy and stable and looking like a kind person). The fact is, you can change a lot about your appearance and so can a below average guy look very attractive to a girl.

    • I'm pretty sure she's talking about being physically attractive, and that most guys aren't up to par, or even hot enough to contemplate sex with them. So for girls like her I think sharing hot guys is an option.

  • Hell no its your mine ore you don't get me I don't share

  • no way would I share!!!

    • You'd rather be single?

    • there's more to someone than just looks, I would compromise, if he was perfect in everyway apart from looks (still good looking but not mega hot) I would still go out with him.

    • How good looking is that? Top 10% for your age? (More or less?)

      Have you read the take I linked?

  • Of course not. Go without. Are we dividing men in to shares now?

    • Well if we did that all women could have a hot guy. It's not like girls want as much sex as guys anyway, it's not like the hot guy would be unable to meet the requirements of a few girls.

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    • Oh okay.

    • Anyway, thanks for answering.

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