My boyfriend never texts me when he is with his friends?

I live an hour away from my boyfriend. We don't get to see eachother very often and don't get to talk very much. We text on his breaks and lunch at work, but then I don't hear from him again until at night when he's back from being out with his friends. I text him when I'm with my friends, so I don't get why he doesn't do the same. I don't expect him to text me the whole time, but every once in a while throughout the five hours wouldn't hurt. It serves as sort of a "hey even though I'm with my friends, I am still thinking about you". Is that too much to ask?

I don't want to come off as clingy or needy but when you barely see each other or get to talk, you want to talk as much as you can, which is why I still text him when I'm with my friends. He's always apologizing for how little we get to talk, but never does anything to change that...


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  • He probably just doesn't feel like texting back and forth the whole time while he is out with his friends.. and I don't know, when I'm texting with someone I always feel like I need to text back right away, so then it's just back and forth back and forth really quickly for however long the convo goes on..

    I usually don't text other people when I'm already hanging out with someone else or with a group of people. I think it's rude.


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  • Well, it may be that a. He's too lazy b. He just thinks he doesn't have time for it or c. He has another person, and your just the "side chick", or he's genuinely busy. Sources: Me. Because I had a relationship like yours.

    • He doesn't cheat and I know I'm not the side chick. Side chicks don't get introduced to all his friends and they sure as hell don't get introduced to the parents.

    • Well, yeah, but having her not right there caused my eyes to drift so to speak.

    • He doesn't cheat. He could be out with like 10 girls and I would trust that he wouldn't cheat.

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  • I'm kind of experiencing the same thing with my guy. When he's with me on dates, and his guy friends call, he always picks up and chats. Yet, when he's with them , he never picks up when I call. :/ Maybe your guy just still wants a little more "guy time" with his buds.

    • I don't know. When ever he gets back and calls me he's always saying he wished I was there. He calls me occasionally, while he is with his friends, but its always "Say Hi to ________ and _______" and then hangs up like five mins later. Or I'll call him, not knowing he's with his friends, and I'll say okay call me back later you are with friends, and he's always like no i want to talk to you, then spends the whole time talking to them.

  • Thats strange stuff.


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