My ex boyfriend keeps texting my mother, why?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me last month, I was devasted and embarrassed. He left me for another girl. Anyways we've broken up before and always got back together because we never tried NC. This time I tried it. I blocked his number and Social media. It's been 3 weeks now. 5 days ago he started texting my mom, which is weird because they never texted before nor has he called her. He texted my mom Goodmorning and he said he misses her. He then texted her the next morning with a picture of him and her (don't know why he still has that). He then texted her a video of me and my mom that I recorded on his phone months ago. My mother is a chef, today he texted her a picture of a food she had cooked for him and I. And he says he misses her food. Lastly, she texted him a picture of what she cooked today, he said he wanted some. She said "come to the house whenever to eat." he said "yes! Can't wait".. He also told her to make sure that I'm safe and happy. I don't get it, he broke my heart and left me, why is he trying to be my mom's friend. I looked on his IG and he has pictures of that new girl up as his WCW and stuff. Why is he texting my mom all of a sudden? Is he playing mind games?


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  • are you that? he is trying to get with your mom so he can keep an eye on you and if he is in with your mom he will have a say in who you see. you can't let that happen. what a pathetic looser the guy is to be doing that to you lol.

    and i say this from a guy freind of kine doing this, he got burnt in the end when the girls ex husband heard hat he was doing , he ended up in the hospital and if he isn't careful it will happen to him.

    • He's in a relationship, why does he care who I see. And going through my mom is just pathetic

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  • Tell him to fuck off.

    and if hasn't, give him the cold shoulder.

    Going back with an ex doesn't always end up well.

    • We're not on speaking terms, I don't mind them speaking, I'm just curious why he's texting her

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    • She thinks he's just being nice

    • Tell her it makes you uncomfortable.
      Or you can just confront him about it.

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  • He left you for another girl and is now trying to fuck your mom?
    This guy is brutal lol

  • He either want to bang your mom or try to play mind games with you by being your mom's friend. He probably wants you to be jealous of the friendship he makes with your mom.


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