I slept with his brother?

I really need help here. I was seeing a guy for a few months last year and although it was never official, we slept together a few times and talked a lot. A "thing" in it's own right. Well it's now 9 months later and his older brother is now asking to take me out, I really want to go because I've always fancied him and we get along so well but I'm unsure. Is this wrong? Would you be hurt/annoyed/angry if you were the younger brother? I never met any parents and like I said, we only met up a handful of times.
In reply to the guy who said I was a slut, I've only ever been with 3 people. Stop being a judgmental asshole and a girl's worth is NOT defined by how many guys she's been with. You won't get very far with a mindset like that. And the girl who stood up for him, you're just as bad with your internalized misogyny. Get a grip.
The older one knows about it, I told him right when we started talking. The younger one said he "wasn't bothered"


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  • It's a shit sandwich all three of you will have to take a bite but you the biggest. Unfortunately in today's society you will be looked down upon by people and jokes about. Wouldn't be the same if some guy slept with two different sisters. It's your life right or wrong it's your decision.

    • Why is it, that this one only has one uppie, while I have 5 uppies, yet you gave this one best answer?

    • because it was the most helpful to me. and the point about if it was guy instead it would be different. guessing you're "anonymous" you were just plain rude and a bit of a dickhead.

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  • So you were with one guy sleeping together but simply always fancied of his other brother? The fact the other brother is asking to take you out if he knows you dated his brother he clearly has no respect or morals for family let alone anybody else I'd bet. So if you do even date him I doubt he'd be loyal so you'd only be going for him for the pleasure and if that's the case than I agree with the other say you're a slut than.

  • Well you know what they say about sluts...

    • This guy is right.

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    • Are you a virgin? XD

    • Me? no

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  • You don't necessarily need his permission, but is brother has the right to know at least. You were seeing him for a few months and although it was never really official, it still somewhat counted as a relationship of some sort.

  • You aren't exclusive so I don't think it's wrong but It just a little weird because they are brothers :/

    The thing is you might give the younger brother a wrong signal where he thought that you were interested in him when you are actually not. I think he'd be hurt a little. Everyone would, at least a bit.

  • You would have to get his permission. Never do it without the knowledge o both brothers.

  • Does he know you've been with his brother?
    And have they spoken about it?
    Personally I wouldn't do it, but if you really like him and it could become serious then eventually it could be fine


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