He stopped talking to me and got back with his ex?

I'm really confused.
I met a guy a while back and we instantly started talking and things progressed kinda fast. He kissed me first and asked to see me all the time. He acted as if we were dating. I saw him everyday for over a week straight. Things were going good.
he told me about his ex and said she was crazy and had pretended to be pregnant once so he wouldn't leave her and he said he hopes I end up being nothing like her.
Well he randomly stopped talking to me and started ignoring me a couple weeks after we began talking and I find out that he's back with his ex...

So I'm confused as to whether he ever genuinely liked me or had any intention of being with me?


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  • He probably really like you... maybe just realized he wasn't over his ex yet...
    You'll move on, just stay positive...


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  • he's an idiot why even think of him. Move on

  • Maybe he was wanting to be friends with benefits

    • He told me he wanted a relationship but maybe he was lying.

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