What should the guy do during a movie date?

I'm taking this girl out and I've never done a date at the movies. I'm paying and letting her pick the movie if she wants because I'm nice.

This will be our first date together.

Basically what should or would a guy do during the date.

Pretty much I don't want to put my arm around her and she flips. That's one thing.

And would dinner before or after the movie be appropriate. Would it matter where?


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  • 1) Be considerate, don't be "nice" - you want to be a man and choose the movie; however, if she says how much "fun it would be" to see a certain movie - keep that in mind. You could then pick that movie down the road when you return to see another.

    2) As a first date - refrain from kissing her or commenting on anything sexual unless she starts it. A lot of the women out there find this as a red-flag and will throw up a wall by considering you a creep for talking about those things on the first date (the same as confessing an undying love to her ;D)

    3) Throwing you arm around her is nothing wrong - but instead of just "flopping it on her" like a dead fish to a cutting board. Offer it to her, make her come to you and feel comfortable. Raise your arm in the position of how you would completely put your arm around her - then smile and look at her like "Would you like this?" - make sure it is sincere and friendly

    4) Dinner and a movie seems sweet. Dinner would be appropriate either before or after. I would offer dinner before the movie so your stomache isn't growling all the way throughout the movie, and so you can have a conversation with her for a while before. Alternatively, dinner would be accepted after the movie as well for an intellectual conversation.

    ** Note : Some women like to dwell in the moment, so they will leave in fear of making a bad impression if they stay longer. Just something to keep in mind - let her enjoy her night however she would like **

    I hope the information helps,

    Best regards,



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  • make sure you buy her food. I love it when a guy buys me food. I'm not fat, I just really love food :D...well anywhere that is clean would be good and figure otu the times before you go out. I hate waiting for a movie.

    • I enjoy those different restaurants... Like instead of always "american" cooking - they offer some italian, or mexican... etc ;D

  • See how she reacts to you, and just try to be a little closer, because if you don't show her any affection, she might think you're not interested. Putting your arm around her is not exactly shoveling your tongue inside her mouth, so it should be acceptable. After movie, I suggest a nice cafe where you can talk about the film;) Nothing too fancy,but certainly not mcdonald;)

    And that's nice your letting her pick the movie!

  • Well since it is a first date, why don't you ask her what kind of food she likes? And if you want to put your arm around her, honestly from a womans point of view, ask her if she doesn't mind. She will love the fact that you are asking.

  • Well, if you're on a date, I don't think she'd be uncomfortable with you putting your arm around her or holding her. If she agreed to go out with you she is obviously interesting in you on some level. Also, if the theatre you're going to has the arm rests that you can fold back, just fold it back and see if she gets the hint that you want to put your arm around her.

    I'd say dinner before because dinner after, most of what you talk about is the movie you just saw instead of maybe her interests or anthing along that line.

    It's nice that you're letting her pick the movie.

    I once went on a movie date to see Bruno... didn't enjoy it. ;p

    • Oooo Mood killer lol - Bruno is not the movie to see on a first date.

      Nice idea about the arm rest =) Thank you

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