Should I say yes to this suitor?

last September I had suitor whom I rejected online. I sent him a message through Facebook saying that I am not interested in having a relationship at the moment. But the truth is I was so turned off by him because of his attitude. His not "bad" don't get me wrong but my ex-boyfriends would always treat during dates to the point that I don't bring any money with me when I'm out on a date with them. The last time I hung-out with him both of us were very conscious with money that we budget everything that we are going to buy. We pay for our own food or popcorn or movie ticket. Its OK if we're friends but his my suitor, he should at least impress me right?

and now the true problem? HE DID NOT RECEIVE MY MESSAGE FROM Facebook! and I can't find the message I sent him in my sent items but I was sure that I sent it, and he was waiting for my answer for an entire month! we never saw each other nor contacted one another after I sent that message so I thought he already read it and understood that he was rejected but today he called me asking for my answer!

what should I do? please help me!


I am not a B*tch who likes to be treated a lot I just want the guy who's courting me to impress me first and shows me that his making an effort for me to return his feelings. I mean its OK if were going out sharing the expenses on dates and all but he is only on the stage of impressing me, should he act more?
Should I say yes to this suitor?
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