Astrology Female Pisces is acting cold towards me?

She has had 2 past relationships that went terrible. The first was some creepy stalker possessive dude. The second person she loved but he basically vanished and never showed up again.
We recently started talking and hanging out. She straight up said she was affraid of getting hurt again. There times where she is happy, and times where she gives me the cold shoulder. She greets her friends with more effection then she greats me. She gets jelous easisly. I dont know whats going on here. She is always very neglecting now, as if she's putting a lot of distance between us. Is she no longer interested or affraid?


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  • Oh God, I'm a Pisces and that sounds just like me hahaha
    Well, when I do that to a guy it means I like him. Because to be honest, if I don't like a guy I, and many other pisces women, will disappear. You won't even get a break up talk, depending on how long you've been together. We're too shy of confrontation like that. A pisces is lots of things to different people. We are indeed a bit fake that way, but it's because we so easily like to change ourselves to match the other person's wavelength.
    Now, I would back off a bit. Wait perhaps a week and give her time to think. Then simply message her, if she doesn't message you first, that is. See how she's going. If she sacks you again, leave it. If she takes the bait, go slow with her until she's sure you're nothing to be afraid of.

    • Thanks Jessie this was pretty helpful and such a fast response. x)

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  • then y do u bother wid her, if she's actin this way?

    • Because i like her so i dont want to pull the plug so far. But i will if this gets out of hand.

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