Why do guys shake (or shiver) when they hug a girl or get hugged by a girl?

my boyfriend hugs me a lot and he awkwardly shivers a bit lol, well a lot. its awkward, yes, but i kinda find it adorkable. he even shivers whwn he cuddles with me. someone, please explain this. pleaseee.


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  • I have the same question where once I kissed a girl and she was shivering... I don't know why? 😐

    • ahh. i sadly dont know cause i sadly still haven't kissed anyone nor been kissed by anyone 😟 ..

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    • lol. i should. and i would but its kinda 1:50amwhere i live xD

    • It's OK... whenever you meet him..

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  • Well, you've had a boyfriend for nearly three years and you finally just let him start touching you in any way and still haven't kissed him. He sounds affection starved. Shivering is probably his body's way of reacting to this weird, new sensation for him.

    • lol. probably so xD

      i feel so bad for him. i can't believe he still cares so much about me and all 😊

  • Maybe he thinks your really hot, I remember a long time ago when I landed a date with a smoking hot girl, who later on became my girlfriend, I would shiver a lot around her because I had never been around such a beautiful girl, but after the first cuddle/make out session I never shivered again, and to this day I still don't shiver lol

    • i do recall this one time we were just sitting on the floor in my room dying from how insanely hot it was up there (didnt have any type of AC in my room, so it was always 85Β°F and up in there) and it was so hot, my eyelids were sweating. then i said i feel how i look, which is terrible and like crap. then he said "you look pretty hot to me, well, more like insanely hot that is." xD his face got so red when he said it too. it was awkward yet adorable

  • I have no idea... I never do this.. nor have I heard of any guy doing this...

    • xD haha, yeah. all google will bring up is the pee shakes, so apparently no ones ever really asked such a question.. other than shaking while/after peeing πŸ˜“

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