With girls like these, who needs femme fatales?

With girls like these, who needs femme fatales?
At least with femme fatale you know she's trouble the minute she stumbles into your PI office. :D These girls come out of nowhere and set everything upside down.

Anyway you know the type: She comes in all sexy, smart and cute (with shitton of attitude to match it). Unattainable as fuck. She crashes your world, takes control of your life for short period of time (which you spend glued to her btw) makes you fall for her, and poof just like that she's gone (or not but she's not yours/with you, which is kinda the whole point).

Anyway the point of this question is to ask:

Girls: do you do this on purpose.
Guys: If you've encountered one in wild & how to deal with them without risking your health/safety ;)
  • I'm a girl and yes, I do this on purpose.
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  • I'm a girl. Nope, guys just keep falling for me I don't know why.
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  • I'm a girl and I have no idea what are you on about.
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  • I'm a guy. Been there, done that.
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  • I'm a guy. Haven't met one yet.
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  • I'm a guy and it's all in your head.
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OK I might have misleadingly phrased a question. I thought examples on photo would've been clue enough.
This isn't about "Femme fatale", femme fatale is a woman that manipulates men towards her own ends using her sexuality as a weapon.
What we're talking about here is a girl that is so irresistibly cute/quirky (either on purpose or by no fault of her own) that guys around her fall head over heels for her.


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  • I never do this shit on purpose and to be honest, I'm pretty sure men do not feel this way about me anyway so... no. Nope. Never been the type.

    • I am pleased to hear that. :)

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    • I am pleased to hear it, some girls don't act like ladies. Some thing it is ok to call us names, some thing it is ok to physically abuse us and even kick us in the balls and think it is funny and then they want to be treated like ladies. If a girl is going to behave like that she will not be treated like a lady because she is not one.

    • One thing I am certain of, I'm a lady, and I will be treated like one... because that is what I am. I know how to act. Thanks.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I am never going to date a girl that is a femme fatale, I don't deserve to be treated like shit and neither do the majority of guys. Femme fatale's in my opinion treat guys like shit. Also GAG should never have had that as an personality option, especially as they did not have an equivalent for guys that treat girls like shit.

    • Are you serious, WOW. Who, in their right mind, would define herself as a femme fatale on purpose?

    • In my opinion a femme fatale is an evil and nasty woman that gives a bad name to the rest of the female gender.

    • This is what the Oxford English Dictionary said a femme fatale is

      "An attractive and seductive woman, especially one who will ultimately cause distress to a man who becomes involved with her:"

      This is an example sentence the dictionary gave for something a femme fatale might do

      "a femme fatale who plays one man off against another in pursuit of money"

      So in my opinion a bitch.

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  • Nobody is smart enough to be an actual Femme Fatale. It's all based on movies and impossible scenarios.


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