"As you wish." Princess Bride meaning?

I was texting the guy I like and he said replied that to one of my messages. I asked him what he meant and he said it was a quote from the princess bride which I've never seen. He won't tell me what it means so could someone explain it? Thank you


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  • I've watched the movie a dozen times or so; it means "I love you"

    • What's the context of this happening?

    • Buttercup (very beautiful) lives on a farm in some fantasy medieval world. Her hobbies are riding horses and teasing the farm boy, Westley, a menial laborer (very handsome). She gives him hard tasks and tells him to do things that she could have done herself, but he just always says "As you wish" and does them. Eventually she realizes that whenever he says it, he means "I love you," and that she loves him back. This is like the first ~10 minutes of the film/first little part of the book, and then Westley goes away to seek his fortune so they can marry and gets captured by pirates and killed and stuff happens. The takeaway is, he means he loves you.

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  • Oooohhh he really likes you 😍

    • You think so? Is it possible he could just mean it in a friendly way? I've never seen it or anything so I don't exactly know how it goes...

  • Westley's response to her demands is always "As you wish." She eventually realizes that what he is really saying is, "I love you.

    That's what Wikipedia said about rhe summary on the movie. I haven't watched it either


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