How to deal with an indecisive girl that likes me back?

A few months ago, i confessed to the girl whom i thought was the one, without knowing whether she has the same feeling for me. I was really happy when she told me she liked me back too, but not as much as how i liked her. I accepted that, because i believe one day this love will grow stronger. We did not get together yet as we were both virgins in relationships but we started flinging through text and calls, asking bout each other's day.

I really love & care for her. I fill up her water bottle every day when its empty, I cooked food for her, I accompany her when she is studying, I cheer her up when she's sad by buying her favourite ice cream, giving her morning calls so that she doesn't miss lectures and even planned a surprise bday party for her. She always talked to her girl friends bout my good things, but when i asked her to tell me what is stopping us from being tgt, she just said she wasn't ready. I did a lot for her, but all these while, i felt that all these was one-sided as she didn't really do anything to signal me that she still likes me. Im deeply affected by it.

One day, she sent me a message saying that her feelings for me was really indecisive. She claims that her situation was that she might like me today, but the next day, she just sees us as friends. I understand, and i will wait for her to make up her mind, coz rushing things ain't gonna work. She started to keep a distance from me. She goes back to her hostel to study alone instead of letting me accompany her in school. She started giving me short replies and we talked less in school. I never knew whether she appreciated it the things i did for her. I cry myself to bed everyday, afraid of losing her.

I need serious help. Is this indecisiveness in her a normal thing? What should i do? Does she still hv feelings for me? I hv so many questions in my head. Pls help me, i really don't wanna lose her :'(
How to deal with an indecisive girl that likes me back?
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